People in line

Depressing situations do have aesthetics. Standing in the line as common fate – for example- creates similarity in movements attached to the personal diversity, it occurs to be a kind of rhythm and pattern. Besides it is so many personal stories and several connecting possibilities to each other. The ‘People in line’ wallpaper is a novel, the number of thought and composition variation is almost limitless, the boundary will be taken by my clients.


Down and above. Above and down.

Views are coming and going, the public life is always changing, then it repeats itself, though. We are just contemplating it, and first we are happy then sad. Or we were upset and then the collective happiness sweeping away everything steps in. Surprise and disillusion come hand in hand. The feeling is shared with others, and opposed by many but the overall picture continuously waves as the sea…. as this wallpaper on which the composition can be varied on demand due to the optimistic and pessimistic views.


Beach people

Towel next to towel. The bodies of splashing people are just about to meet. The place where the people admiring sun and water make up a cheerful pattern vibrating in skin-warm colours. The dry and the wet are coloring each other. Colorful hubble-bubble which is flecked by happy


Jungle gym

This wallpaper is the part of childishness which symbolizes the network of the world or the difficulty of the maths notebook or simply the youth clinging on the tubing of the jungle gym reaching the sky on the ground of the school. Many-many mentalities climbing, relaxing, observing or contact initiating.


People walking in the park

It was a special request to have the Városliget, the biggest city park of the beautiful Budapest flow in the white, sterile walls of the dentist’s surgery operating nearby so the people walking by do not “recognise” when they just sit in the dentist’s chair for a treatment.




When I had children and I got to be a child again with them, with adult’s eyes I understood what I just lived through before: the sand is the world and who is in the sand box will be a god and a creator. This is a beautiful picture but it goes away soon. So to keep it I called my little friends for a group picture. On a fictional playground and to its sand box organized into a wallpaper. The result is the preschoolers’ typical motions as pattern on a joint, private memory-wallpaper.