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If you wish to have a wallpaper fitting into the profile of your community as a decoration on your wall, you are at the right site.
On my crowd-pattern works of art I elaborated the idea of the complete bespoke wallpaper pattern.


“ The openness of my art and my interest and attention to others are enhanced even more by the fact that besides my planned mass topics I take orders for special requests.

I undertake to make the portrait of a group or community in a modern-way wallpaper.

However, it is possible to image a fictional mass instead of a given portrait which can connect to a given activity. With portraits in disguise, with bespoke details.”

Cited from Social Wall Art Story


Examples for Bespoke Wallpapers

As an example just take a look at a realization of a bespoke wallpaper with the pattern of fictitious people and completed with a personalized detail.

The wallpaper was made to a dentist’s office in Budapest. The pattern was not a direct medial topic, for the customer’s request Városliget- a popular city park next to the office would rather be designed according to the concept worked out together. It is a characteristic community park, where “People walking in the park” with diverse activities provide the pattern: cycling, walking the dog, jogging, children playing, sitting on a bench and so on.


“People walking in the park”

Wallpaper design in the dental office interior in Budapest 2016.

The bespoke detail on the wallpaper does not repeat. Can you find where it is?

Yes, the three men posing for the photographer.

On the wallpaper on any other places you can see a wedding photo.

Who are these three men and why are they there? It will remain the customer’s secret.


My other example is the “Sandbox”



It was not made for a certain place or order, but for an art project. It is now a decoration on walls of some apartments in different sizes and printed on different media.

I invited my little friends for a special tableau, on a fictitious playground, and into its sandbox. The result is the characteristic movements of our kindergarten aged children as a pattern on a closed, joint tableau-wallpaper.

The picture is not for order, it is only available for the family taken part in the project.

To have your own bespoke wallpaper, contact me HERE.