In my art the idea of the wallpaper derives from the reproduction graphics: when reproduction of many similar prints can be created from one drawing but in a quite limited size. I was not interested in the similar prints but I longed for thinking in bigger sizes so I made graphic papers drawn continuously to create a huge, connected picture from them.  By attaching these pictures to each other on the wall of the exhibition hall I created a new genre: the ’artistic wallpaper’.

The perfect fit to the philosophy of the new genre is the topic of the Mass. So this interest was formed during my university years (Hungarian University of Fine Art, Budapest), but I consider it to be the most characteristic and key part of my artwork:

portraying groups of people, masses who get to close to each other due to a current place, situation, a joint event, aim; dense or scattered; keeping their differences but together in their similarity; melting into a waving or rhythmic pattern.

 “Längliche Masse”, 2004  – Papier, Radierung, Aquatinta, 16 x 49 cm

My bonding to the topic- on one hand- can be explained by my attraction to the patterns. (The patterns made endless and built on the running, symmetric, rhythmic, and concentric or repeating items, the simple aesthetic textile patterns can delight my heart, but when an additional idea, visual humor planned with mathematical accuracy, even a metaphysical message are connected to it as in the art of Esher or István Orosz, it is the real pleasure.)

On the other hand the mass wallpaper can derive from the experience that my life arena changed significantly by moving into the capital city. As a country girl I was not left indifferent by the psychic and aesthetic effect, the positive and negative trauma of the big city life mass experience.
“Verstecktes Ich in der Menge”, 2001 – Papier, Lithografie, 23 x 24 cm

EA 19/24


My first artwork processing the topic of the mass of people was inspired by the „Diáksziget” (Students’ Island). I made a montage of my personal island mass –processing so many characters and mini situation by selecting from my photos made during the days I had on this summer festival.

“Festival 2”, 2001- The second piece

Paper, Graphit drawing 30 x 30 cm

The original version of the picture is made with pencil, after that its four, big and separated but continuously drawn sheets were attached together on computer.


 This way the digital billboard print with the size of one meter each side was created which I installed in the stairways of the university not on the walls but hanging into, opposite to the studios of the Graphics department which worked exclusively with traditional reproductive techniques at that time when I was on the fourth year. I considered the place as a contemporary gesture stretching the borders of the genre.

“Subcultur”, 2002 – Paper, Linolcut, 50 x 50 cm



The openness of my art and my interest and attention to others are enhanced even more by the fact that besides my planned mass topics I take orders for special requests. I undertake to make the portrait of a group or community in modern way wallpaper. However, it is possible to image a fictional mass instead of a given portrait which can connect to a given activity. 





“Down and above. Above and down”, 2004 – Paper, Lithografie, 50 x 50 cm




I am a collector of typical motions connected to characters, temperament and activities. I am interested in putting my characters into the space and transforming them into a beautiful, story-telling endless pattern. My interest expands to all groups and their activities of the society ethically acceptable for me (My prefiguration is Pieter Bruegel sen. who himself was a passionate and professional collector of his contemporaries on his numerous paintings. E.g. Peasant wedding 1568, Children games 1560, Reapers 1565)






Ildikó Titkó, Weitnau